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Middle East Marketing

Arabic is ranked number four on the most popular languages online with most users coming from Egypt and Saudi Arabia. Competition is nearly non-existent n the Arab World which makes Search Engine Marketing a great solution to boost your visibility and lead to exponential growth

At Directival, your PPC campaign will be managed by native speaking digital marketing experts who possess extensive knowledge of the region’s online market. We are here to partner with you to understand your goals and help you reach your target audience. Whether you aim to increase brand awareness or grow customer base, we take care every step to build cost effective solution for your business.

PPC Management

Google maintains the lion’s share of the Middle East and North Africa search market. Additionally, CPC is much lower compared to western countries which allows you to run a cost effective paid search campaigns. We take every measure to get you the results you want while reducing your monthly spend.

According to Google, ads with high-quality scores are rewarded with better positioning and lower cost per click since they a provide a positive user experience. In order to achieve and maintain high quality score we produce a compelling ad copy, target relevant keywords and create landing pages that are highly optimized with best practices, engaging content and appropriate call to action. In addition, campaigns will be closely monitored and regularly optimized to ensure ads are grouped effectively and each ad copy is relevant to the keyword searched. That involves many activities such as keyword expansion, bid optimization, negative keyword research, ad text optimization and reviewing non-productive costly keywords are performed constantly to achieve the best ROI.

Local Experts

Simply translating your English keywords by linguists and translators may ensure your ads are perfectly written and phrases are grammatically correct but that’s not enough to run a successful international PPC campaign. Our comprehensive market and keyword research is performed by local SEO and PPC Arabic speaking experts to identify trends and ensure you are targeting high intent keywords and not wasting your ad spend.

We take into account cultural differences and tailor each ad to your specific target market and the choice of keywords used by users in different countries within the Arab world. The majority of searchers use their country’s local Google site (i.e. googl.com.sa in Saudi Arabia), hence, if you plan to target more than one country, we will target different set of keywords for each country based on local search volume, consumer behavior, language used, and market nature.

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