SEO Translation

Optimize your Pages to your Target Foreign Market

International SEO

Getting your website to the top pages of search engines on your foreign target market is a great expansion strategy. Using the same techniques to optimize your pages for search engine ranking in your original language might not yield the same results since search engines market share differ from country to country. International SEO is a great way to expand your existing client base and bring awareness of your brand, products, and services to a new market.

SEO Translation

In order to rank your pages at the top of search results in your target language you need more than language skills, you need to know which search engine to target and how it works. In addition, you need to have cultural, economic, geographical and market knowledge in order to adapt your content to fit your potential customers. Your target market could be using idioms or slangs to search for your product which traditional translation services can’t get right. You need a local professional to do a comprehensive keyword research in your target language.

Our SEO translation and transcription services are performed by an SEO native speaker specialist that won’t translate your words only but also reflect local knowledge and optimize your page for best practices in order to rank high on search engines

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