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Why PPC?

Unlike SEO, PPC provides immediate results and a higher conversion rate. You may even use PPC to identify what keywords are driving more conversions in order to focus your SEO campaigns on those keywords. Many business owners will not even consider running a PPC campaign because “PPC is expensive”. True! it CAN be expensive but that depends on many factors, most importantly, your return on investment. Will you consider PPC expensive if you spend $1000 and get $10,000 in profit? I don’t think so.

Your perception of PPC could be a result of a previous unreliable PPC management experience, a friend’s opinion or just the fact that you don’t believe advertising actually works. The thing is, we can’t deny that there are 1.2 trillion searches on Google per month and 2.2 Billion active monthly users on Facebook. If you can get your business on Google’s first page with SEO or have thousands or millions of followers on Facebook, TERRIFIC, you’ve made it. Until then, PPC is a great way to puts you in front of your potential customers

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Reach customers when they are actively searching on Google. Stay on top of search engine results with Google Ads.

With the average user spending 50 minutes per day, it’s essential to incorporate Facebook into your  strategy 

Since the majority of your traffic leaves without making a purchase, make sure you are on their mind by using retargeting.

Our Proven Process

After researching your market, analyzing your buyers journey and your top competitors ad strategy, We


We start by building or restructuring your campaign using our proven strategy to achieve the highest ROI possible


Our strategy is not set and forget. Your campaigns will be regularly analyzed and optimized by our team of experts


You'll have access to our detailed reporting and scheduled meetings with your dedicated account manager

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Our PPC team is very good at what they do. They take the time to build every aspect of your campaign and optimize it for the best ROI

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